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Reliance Partnership UK Limited is a turnkey, one stop business consultancy offering its individual and corporate clients a wide range of services. Together with our partners based in the United Kingdom and the European Union Reliance Partnership UK Limited can assist clients in business branding and structuring, back-office administration, bookkeeping and accounting, real estate acquisitions and investments.


Business Structuring

Decision of how to structure your business (whether you are a sole trader or planning to set up and company) can sometimes be a monumental task. To make an informed decision one must take into consideration not only their personal circumstances but also applicable tax laws, rules, and regulations in force. Such knowledge (usually not within the grasp of one person) requires years of training and practice as a lawyer or accountant or tax advisor or an auditor. Having Reliance Partnership team together with our outsourced professionals assisting you brings together years of experience, which will make your decisions informed and balanced. 

Branding, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property

Any business enterprise originates with a business idea or concept, which often requires registration of ownership. Together with our network of trusted partners in the United Kingdom, the European Union and worldwide we can assist in registration of trademarks, patents, and various intellectual property rights. Our consultants can advise on the most secure way to hold registered rights and ensure protection from any infringement. 

Business Management Consultancy

Once decision of how to structure a business and how to protect it has been made the task of setting the business up becomes important. Reliance Partnership consultants have extensive experience to assist entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses and providing bespoke back office and administrative support during their operation.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

For businesses, sole traders or self-employed individuals established or residing in the United Kingdom we can offer bookkeeping and accounting services, preparation and filing of VAT, tax returns and payroll services. Should your business require an audit we can recommend a suitable auditor and assist in carrying out of audit. For businesses registered or individual residing in the European Union we offer similar services in co-operation with our partners and can help with your reporting and tax obligations in Germany, Spain, Portugal, and other jurisdictions around the world.

Acquisitions: real estate, businesses, and investments

Reliance Partnership and our partners in the United Kingdom and the European Union can assist in sourcing, analysing, and acquiring of real estate, businesses, or other investments. Depending on what is required, we can assemble a team of experts to facilitate any transaction with real estate, business purchase or sale or making of investment. 

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